Princess Bunyi invites the passion and pleasure of Love into your Heart. Join her and a mixed bag of weirdos as they explore modern relationships, in this 21st century erotic romantic-comedy set in the divergent and ever evolving city of Toronto.

Sinner or Saint?

The eldest of seven girls in a traditional Catholic Filipino family, first-generation Canadian, Princess Bunyi, is a sheltered young professional and over-the-top die-hard romantic. As a result of a fated meeting, Princess' perfectly planned, dreamy life is brought spiraling down to reality as she's thrust, writhing, moaning, and vibrating, down a path of sexual self-discovery...

Reality or Fantasy?

Brooding loner Oliver is as jaded as they come. Devout in his resignation to life, he lives day by day riding the waves of casual food, casual friendships, and A LOT of casual sex. His new job, like his life, was to be just as he liked it---simple and easy. That is until he's sidetracked by a particularly tempting bum and torpedoed into a world of magic, fantasy, and drama, all lead by the one and only, enchanting Princess Bunyi.

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