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It isn't about the quality of the creations, but the quality of one's character which shines through. (Now say that over, and over, and over, and over, and over... lol Easier said than believed)
PS: There's totally a 'T' in 'HARDEST' that's still on Easter weekend vacation. Thanks @karolinaficek for pointing that out!! 
I'm incredibly outspoken for someone who is only 22. Yes, I don't know everything. But for what I do know, I know and understand well. I'm always open to change and growth. I'm also incredibly confident and comfortable about sharing my own personal prospective in the hopes that I might begin a dialogue that allows for even more learning. I'm not scared of failure. I'm not scared to be wrong. I HATE IT WITH EVERY FIBRE OF MY BEING, but I'm not not afraid of it. However, because of this, people usually think I'm a fucking cocky little shit lol And it's gotten me into some pretty awkward confrontations. Good news is that all of these painfully honest convos lead to incredible friendships. Even better news is that they taught me about my own motivations for choosing the life I have so far, and that it was, and is, 100% mine. 


Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.


[Cont.] I've always wondered how priests do it... Counsellors and therapists too, constantly absorbing the emotions of others so that they might find inner peace and be absolved of their demons. Because it hurts, so incredibly much, it hurts. Theres nothing scarier than truly opening yourself to someone else and allowing yourself to empathize with them... to truly shoulder their burden, and genuinely accept them---to forgive them. Because in that act you learn things about yourself. Sometimes horrible things you never would have known otherwise...

Lol, Me? I realized that I'm painfully lonely. That I NEED constant validation---NEED to be NEEDED. That I'm a doormat, that I'm nosey, brazen, entitled, prideful, and that I also somehow help. I learned that I want to be a spiritual healer of sorts, and a teacher, because it honestly makes me feel good about my life. That sounds silly and selfish. But then again, meh, not to me. Through forgiving others, I forgave myself (And how could I not? It's really a two way street when you think about it).

In the Christian religion, it's said that only God can forgive you. I beg to differ. It just takes one good friend, or even one good person, to sit down and open their ears, mind, and heart to you, if even for a moment, and you can feel 'reborn'. You just have to tell the truth, no matter how ugly it's perceived, and no matter how eccentrically you explain it.

A) Empaths or Hyper Sensitivity?
B) Confession?
C) Reincarnation (Buddhist lens)
D) The duality of your worst qualities?


If you don't understand a certain culture, be it racial, gendered, or religious, why not learn about it? I mean, sure, curiosity did kill the cat. But only metaphorically ;) Don't hate. Educate.🖖🏼

Will be posting about spontaneous conversations centred around religion during this Easter Month!

NOTES: This conversation was a wonderful surprise. I was out drinking with friends in South Africa, when suddenly, this person sat down beside me and started talking about his spiritual insecurities.

A) Islam?
B) Liberal Christianity or Liberal Theology in the 21st Century? (Very cool and short read. This is just a simple article, but the evolution of modern Christian philosophy and theology is rather positive, as well as very much alive in mainstream North American culture)



Two can play at this game.

I donno who this guy was talking to, but it most definitely was not me. Everything I said went right through from ear to ear, so that our friend was essentially having a conversation with himself and a fantasy woman. Did I mention the dude was also straight up eating raw salami from the package? Didn't draw it because I'm lazy, but eh? 

I adore life.


To set the mood: 'Raise 'Em Right', shy kids 

Logan was jaw-dropping. It's realistic savage brutality and cultural relevance in addressing the unsustainability of the ideological and mythical teachings of modern day Super Heroes, their damaging effects on Generation X, it's second-hand effect on Millennials, and their now eventual (and much needed) death for the sake of future generations, was spot on.

I'm so beyond thankful that movies like this and Lego Batman are FINALLY bringing to light the very serious and unhealthy life ethics that popular idols like Batman and Wolverine impose onto their followers in terms of emotional and mental health.

The teachings of perpetual self-loathing, cowardice in the face of our emotions, denial, repression, and deflection, no longer serve us in our world in this place in time. Heroes, and parents, consumed by their own pain to the point of taking it out on and torturing those they love and who love them, especially their children, have no place in our lives, and in our futures. Not if we want to grow into a society differing from those that came before us: One of change, of inner growth, of equality, and of love.

Daddy, we don't need you anymore. We love you, and we'll never forget you. But we don't need you anymore.

Happy Women's Day, 2017.


Yup. You're at a party, you've gotten drunk, it's late, and things are winding down... What time is it? Real talks time.

Also, here are some simple gateway articles about Emotional Labour. Get learned folks! (If anyone has better ones to share, please do! The more the merrier!)

The Guardian

Everyday Feminism

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