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 "It's so important to make someone happy."

Emmanuelle Chateauneuf is a passionate old soul who cares too much, is genuinely eccentric, and is on a whole, a general weirdo. With one foot planted firmly in her subconscious and the other kept sufficiently skimming the ground, the fresh-­‐faced creator lives merrily alongside her mannequin/roommate, Kyoko, in their mystical flat of no name. A nominee for a National Magazine Award (2017), her work includes features in The Feathertale Review, Captain Canuck, TO Comix Press’ ‘Wayward Sisters; An Anthology of Monstrous Women’, her online comic strip series, ‘The Daily Comics’, and her first graphic novel, ‘Queen Street’.

Emmanuelle is currently illustrating Ashley V. Robinson’s newest comic book, ‘Aurora & The Eagle’, while freelancing as an educator in the arts and imagineering her very own second graphic novel.

Super Powers: Defying Expectation. Prolific Creator.

Major Topics of Interest: Idolatry/Mythology in the 21st Century. Modern Gothicism & Romanticism. Philosophy. Human Interaction. Religion. Spirituality & Mysticism. The Nature of Love.