"It's so important to make someone happy."

Emmanuelle Chateauneuf is a passionate old soul who cares too much, is genuinely eccentric, and is on a whole, a general weirdo. With one foot planted firmly in her subconscious and the other kept floating sufficiently above ground, the fresh-faced comic creator lives merrily alongside her cat, Micchiru, and her mannequin/roommate, Esmeralda, in their mystical flat, the StarBase. Her work includes features in The Feathertale Review, Captain Canuck, her online comic strip series, ‘The Daily Comics’, and her first graphic novel, 'Queen Street'.

Super Powers: Defying Expectation. Prolific Creator.

Major Topics of Interest: Idolatry/Mythology in the 21st Century. Modern Gothicism & Romanticism. Philosophy. Human Interaction. Religion. Spirituality. The Nature of Love.